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1. Prevent growing complexity (and costs) by harmonisation of test methods
ERFMI is considering it as vital to develop more harmonised test methods to ensure the maintenance of high quality standards in the whole floor covering industry. Therefore, ERFMI will stimulate and support new initiatives on harmonisation of test methods. A consistent set of harmonised technical test methods for modular floating floor covering panels with a locking system is missing up to now.

As the present harmonised standard for the CE mark (EN14041) is long overdue, we see countries introducing new national legislation on essential requirements. These requirements are not covered in the present European standard, but foreseen in the revised one. The consequence of the development of new national requirements is a growing complexity of the required labelling system and costly additional external testing.

ERFMI is inviting all parties to work together to speed up the process of finding mutual standards to avoid unnecessary further complexity and to build a harmonised and cost-effective set of standards for testing together.

2. Close cooperation on taxation issues pays off
Close cooperation between various industries pays off. It has stopped the planned taxation on PVC floor coverings in Sweden. However, we stay alert: new taxation barriers in Turkey are a new target and ERFMI successfully got full attention for the case by the European Commission. Members of ERFMI are informed and we hope that the General Direction in charge will reach a positive outcome for our industry.

3. Membership of ERFMI
Dickson Constant, producer of woven vinyl flooring is a new member of ERFMI per 1st January 2016. Dickson Constant fulfils all the conditions in the present articles of the ERFMI association. These articles are very restrictive and prevent many companies that already expressed their wish to become a member from joining ERFMI. Therefore, the plenary of ERFMI is considering a change of conditions that opens up ERFMI to these and other valuable entrepreneurs in our industry.

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ERFMI (European Resilient Flooring Manufacturers’ Institute) warns of the risk that LVT is being brought to the market only meeting the technical requirements of EN 16511.
This EN 16511 standard should only be used for the so called ‘hybrids’ (hybrid decoractive floating floor covering panels) and not for resilient products such as LVT. LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) should consistently meet the requirements of the standard for heter-ogeneous vinyl floor covering EN ISO 10582.

Due to an unfortunate course of events the formulation of the EN 16511 leaves room to use this standard for LVT. But the requirements for the hybrid standard are well below what the European Resilient Industry is considering as necessary for LVT. Essential properties as colour fastness, wear layer & overall thickness and curl are not requested in the hybrid standard. Furthermore the requirements for locking strength, residual indentation and dimen-sional stability are incorrect for resilient flooring.

Two new initiatives
In the meantime ERFMI members have started two initiatives to adapt the relevant two older standards in order to meet the latest developments in the market. First the EN ISO 10582 will be expanded to cover specific requirements for LVT. This pro-cess is underway and shortly a draft international standard will be published as a prEN ISO 10582.
Secondly the existing EN 14085, the standard for resilient floor coverings on panels, will also be adapted. For instance by including locking strength and transferred in a new ISO stand-ard: ISO 20236 (resilient floor covering specification for floor panels for loose laying).

In working group 10 of CEN TC 134, floor covering specialists of the resilient, carpet and laminate industry are working closely together to ensure requirements across the various product categories will be consistent.

The mentioned standards EN ISO 10582 and EN 14085 are identical to:
Germany: DIN EN ISO 10582 and DIN EN 14085
France: NF EN ISO 10582 and NF EN 14085
UK: BS EN ISO 10582 and BS EN 14085

Press release
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Life cycle assessment on resilient floorcoverings

ERFMI – European Resilient Flooring Manufacturers’ Institute – has published here on its website an updated tool to establish Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for nine resilient product categories. Following the first version of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies in 2008, this EPD-calculator is based on a completely updated dataset. In collaboration with, a series of Environmental Product Declarations have been developed. The goal was to gather data for a European wide Life Cycle Assessment which is 3rd party certified and provides transparency on the impact of all relevant resilient flooring categories over the complete life cycle of the product, meaning from manufacturing, installation, removal and maintenance of the product during its lifetime.

The use of the EPD calculator on the ERFMI website is easy and fast: the user can determine his project description and expected service life as well as the chosen flooring product. Based on these pieces of information, the EPD calculator generates within seconds a detailed EPD that provides all necessary data to evaluate the environmental impact of the flooring material including toxicity for its whole life cycle.

EPDs are mainly used to have a common platform of comparing various products and their impact to the environment. Within a building certification program, an EPD can contribute to a better transparency and visibility and therefore help decision makers to choose products according to their preferences or regulations.

The EPD documents (however not considering a Reference Service Life, RSL) are also published at:
All questions regarding this study should be directed to:
thinkstep AG (formerly PE INTERNATIONAL AG)
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