Amorim Revestimentos, S.A.

Amorim Revestimentos, a company of the Portuguese Amorim Group, with over 130 years of experience in selected cork products, has developed unique flooring and wall covering solutions throughout its history. Amorim Revestimentos sells its products in more than 51 countries and is known throughout the world as a pioneer in creating top-quality, groundbreaking solutions.
Reflecting a highly sustainable development, the Amorim Group developed a revolutionary process that is adapted to nature’s rhythms. The first extraction of cork from the cork oak tree occurs only twenty-five years after planting, following which it is harvested in nine-year cycles, without ever damaging the tree in any way. This method allows the cork oak forest – montado – to fulfil its role of fixing CO2, thus actively contributing to reduce global warming.

The regular extraction of cork is also a decisive contributor to sustainability: environmental (conserving biodiversity and preventing desertification), social (population settlement and jobs creation) and economic. The company’s in-depth knowledge and respect for nature, its continuous investment in technological innovation and highly-specialised staff, have guaranteed its leading position in the international field.